What Is Mental Health First Aid?

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Mental health first aid is an educational training course that teaches you how to recognise the crucial warning signs of mental ill-health.

An individual who is trained in mental health first aid can identify signs and symptoms of common mental health issues and can provide help to the person who is struggling.

The Importance Of Mental Health First Aid

Mental health first aid is a useful skill for anybody to have. It provides you with vital knowledge that enables you to help someone when they need it the most, whilst keeping yourself safe. And as we say here at Mindful Partners, mental health does not discriminate.

With mental health first aid training, you may be able to support your partner, loved ones, friends, colleagues, clients or even complete strangers in getting the medical help they need.

In some cases, a mental health first aider may be able to intervene in a crisis, for example, if an individual is preparing to take their own life.

Mental Health First Aid In The Workplace

As the world fights to remove mental health stigma, many experts and mental health charities believe that every workplace should have a mental health first aider. But unlike a physical first aider, it is not yet mandatory to have a mental health first aider within the workplace. Although it is strongly advised.

At Mindful Partners, we believe every workplace should have a designated mental health first aider. In fact, we believe that the more employees educated on mental health issues, the better.

For many people, work can have a negative impact on mental health. Long hours, poor workplace relationships and heavy workloads are just a handful of factors that can cause work-related stress. Prolonged work-related stress can lead to mental ill-health, such as anxiety and depression.

Work-related stress can also aggravate existing mental health conditions.

mental health first aid can help someone who is struggling

Alternatively, an employee’s mental health problems may not be related to their job at all. In many cases, people find that going to work is good for their mental health. It provides a sense of stability, a steady routine and enables them to build connections with people.

Educating your team on mental health issues can help remove stigma, encourage people who are struggling to seek the help they need, and teach your employees to look out for signs of mental ill-health.

How Do I Become A Mental Health First Aider?

Various organisations, including MHFA England and St. John Ambulance provide mental health first aid courses. From two day face to face courses to short online courses, becoming a mental health first aider is simple and affordable.

If you are a business owner, employer or manager, becoming a mental health first aider may enable you to provide support to your employees.

Most mental health first aid courses are very similar. They provide information on various mental health conditions and outline risk factors for common mental health conditions. The courses also teach delegates how to engage in non-judgemental conversation and outline first aid practices for common mental health conditions.

Signs To Look Out For

Even if you are not yet a mental health first aider, there are ways in which you could help someone in need. For starters, you should always be on alert for signs that may indicate someone is struggling with their mental health. For example, in an individual

  •  is unusually irritable and anxious
  • chooses to isolate themselves
  • struggles to concentrate on simple tasks and seems confused
  • regularly takes days off work and has poor timekeeping
  • appear low or tells you that they feel very low, sad or worthless
  • no longer take an interest in their appearance or appear unkempt

If someone you know is showing signs of mental ill-health, talk to them and ask if they need help. Listen to what they have to say and help them find the support they need.

Mental Health Support In The Workplace

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is vital for the wellbeing of you and your staff. As a business owner or employer, you have a duty of care to your employees.

Taking simple measures to create a healthy workplace can increase employee productivity and engagement, improve staff morale, reduce absenteeism, aid recruitment and reduce business costs.

create a mentally healthy workplace with mental health first aid

At Mindful Partners, we are always looking to partner up with companies. We have in-house mental health first aiders and psychologists that work closely with those looking to return to work after mental ill-health.

Our dedicated team of professionals also work with companies of all sizes to create mentally healthy workplaces. We provide the tools and training that companies need to support the mental wellbeing of their employees.

Get In Touch

Mindful Partners is a specialist recruitment agency that helps people recovering from poor mental health get back into the workplace.

If you are an employer and would like to find out more about partnering with Mindful Partners, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you are recovering from mental ill-health and are looking to get back into work, please get in touch.

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