Are you looking for a recruitment agency with a soul? Give us a call. We aren’t your typical recruitment agency.

Mindful Partners is a specialist recruitment agency. Our dedicated team will carefully match your role to the most suitable talent. We spend time with each candidate, really getting to know them. This enables us to put forward the best person for your role, culture, and ambitions.

But that’s not all we do.

We focus on helping people who have recovered from poor mental health return to the workplace.

We do this because we know from personal experience that people who have survived ill mental health are often strong, determined, wise, and level people.  

To achieve this, we provide intensive support to you and the candidate as they settle into their new job.

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Why Use A Specialist Recruitment Agency?

The right settling in process means your new employee will be confident, comfortable and productive from day one.

Surviving and thriving after an episode of poor mental health requires grit, determination, humility, tenacity. Imagine what skills could be brought to your workplace!

We will provide training to you and any relevant colleagues on adapting your mindset, approach, and process to be more inclusive for everyone. Mental health doesn’t discriminate so why should we?

A happy employee is a productive employee. Studies show that employers who genuinely look after the interests of their staff see an increase in productivity and a decrease in staff turnover.

As a specialist recruitment agency we have access to a range of services and tools. For example, having 12 months access to Big White Wall, an online mental health support forum, means your employees can protect their own mental health and stay happy! And we are always on the other end of the phone to help you support your employee.

Because we take the time to really get to know all our candidates, we can put forwards the right person for the role. No more filtering through hundreds of unsuitable candidates. We won’t suggest candidates to you until we are sure we have the right ones.

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‘No other recruitment agency offers the same level of support of such a long period of time both before and after placing a candidate in a role.’ 

– Kai Du Verne – MD