Returning to work after mental health episodes can be daunting, but We’re here to help.

Have you been off work with poor mental health? Are you looking to return to work?

If you are ready to return to your career, we will support you and find you the right employer. We are a recruitment agency with a difference!

Most people will suffer from poor mental health at some point in their life. For many, this means needing time away from the workforce to recover. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to progress and be a valuable and fulfilled member of the right company.

We believe that mental health doesn’t discriminate, so why should we? 

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Returning To Work After Mental Health Issues Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Mindful Partners will help you return to work after being off with mental health issues.

We understand that if you are going to work after mental health issues you might be overwhelmed, nervous, excited, or cautious.

We know this because we have been there ourselves. That is why we are committed to helping others return to the workplace as a recruitment agency with a mental health specialism.

We know from experience that being off work with poor mental health doesn’t mean you can’t return or need to take a demotion. Sometimes, it just takes the right employer, a few adjustments, or a bit of support. After all, employers have a duty of care to support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

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How We Help You Return To Work

We put in place a bespoke support network for each one of our candidates and tailor the recruitment process around you needs.

Perhaps you just need a bit of understanding and patience. Or maybe you need coaching and some help with your self-esteem. Whatever it is, we spend the time really getting to know you and your strengths.

From there we will find the right role for you at a supportive company. Your new employer will also receive support and training from us to ensure your transition back into work is smooth and supported.