We match employers and candidates for long term partnerships and better mental health.

Mindful Partners is a specialist recruitment agency that helps people who have been unable to work due to mental health issues return to work. We do this by finding and facilitating the perfect role for them.

At the same time, we think it’s equally important to create workplaces where people experience good physical and mental health.

This is why we don’t just work with the candidates, but also with companies. We give them the right tools and support to help “returns” overcome their difficulties and make the interview process productive and easier for all.

About Mindful Partners

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We understand what makes a good recruitment process.

Our unique specialist recruitment approach comes from our extensive experience in Financial Services recruitment. During this time we hired everyone from trainees to global heads, so understand the process inside and out.

Personal experience tells us poor mental health can creep up on anybody. The effects don’t need to be permanent. With a few small adjustments and some proper coaching, mental health survivors can return to work to carry on their careers with a new perspective on life.

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Why Choose A Specialist Recruitment Agency?

We work with our clients every step of the way, helping them overcoming anxiety and low self-esteem to return to work.

Our in-house mental health first aiders and psychologists work closely with the candidates to ensure the right level of support is in place.

We help them understand their unique skills and abilities, how they relate to the job, and how best to communicate them.

All our candidates get access to Big White Wall for 12 months. This is an online platform designed to offer peer to peer and expert mental health support. This community of professionals features people struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, and other common issues.

Mental health is unique to the individual and so are our services. We tailor our support to the individual, rather than expecting the individual to respond to a template of support.

Find out more about our candidates here. 

With a Mindful Partner employee, you will never feel abandoned. We will help you find the right candidate for you in a way that opens up a whole new pool of talent.

Your candidates will be perfectly matched to your requirements, as you would expect from a top class recruitment agency.

Where we differ from other recruitment agencies is in the support we offer after placement.

Not only will you receive a free replacement within 3 months if the candidate decides to leave, or the usual staged fee refund, but you will get so much more.

We offer 24 hour support to your new employee, seven days a week. This means your candidate is happy and healthy, making them a productive and committed employee.  

We also offer best practice and employee integration training to you and your colleagues.